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Kate Wendley writes paranormal romance for those who love drama. Vampires, werewolves and more contend with hot tempers and incredible powers while bravely navigating the mysteries of finding love and acceptance in her urban fantasy series, A Forest of Darkness. Set in the City in a Forest, Atlanta, GA, it make you think twice about how well you really know your friends and neighbors. When Kates not busily writing about things that go bump in the night she enjoys watching sci-fi, campy horror movies and stand up comedies.

Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 (2017)

Loved it!

Our rowdy anti-heroes are back, mostly, (RIP adult Groot!), and this second volume is just as much fun as the first! The movie opens with an awesome scene where the crew is doing their hired job of defending some highly valuable and highly prized cosmic batteries from a baddie, all while baby Groot dances to Peter’s music and stumbles around, somehow managing not to get hurt the whole time. The camera is on baby Groot, making for a really fun, unique view of the scene.


They somehow manage to successfully keep the baddie from taking the batteries, only to have Rocket pocket some of the smaller ones because, why not? Except when their employers discover their theft, it’s such an affront to the perfectness of their kingdom that it’s a given that they need to chase them down to kill them.


A mysterious stranger comes to the rescue just as it looks like our heroes are done for, and Peter Quill, aka Starlord, finally meets his dad for the first time in his life. An offer to see his home world is too tempting to pass up, no matter how conflicted Peter suddenly feels, and our team is separated.


Enter Gamora’s sister Nebula, who’s hell bent on killing Gamora, as well as Peter’s former frenemies, Yondu and his rag tag crew, hell bent on getting Peter back for his betrayal in the first movie.


If the first movie was about our heroes coming together as a team while we learned about each character’s quirks and uniqueness, this second movie is about them going through some growing pains while they figure out if they’re more than just friends and actually a family, as well as who their family actually includes. This movie didn’t feel quite as raunchy and twisted as the first one, maybe because we’d already met everyone and knew what to expect, but it was just as much fun. I was both laughing and crying my eyes out at the end. The new characters that are introduced were an exciting teaser for future movies, and I hope they keep making them!


(P.S. These movies aren’t really suitable for young kids. Violence galore and some raunchy jokes are par for the course.)


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