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Kate Wendley writes paranormal romance for those who love drama. Vampires, werewolves and more contend with hot tempers and incredible powers while bravely navigating the mysteries of finding love and acceptance in her urban fantasy series, A Forest of Darkness. Set in the City in a Forest, Atlanta, GA, it make you think twice about how well you really know your friends and neighbors. When Kates not busily writing about things that go bump in the night she enjoys watching sci-fi, campy horror movies and stand up comedies.

Movie: Maleficent (2014)

Beautiful Movie!

I don’t watch a lot of Disney or kid movies, but the premise of this had me intrigued, and I wasn’t disappointed! It’s rated TV-14 so the themes are a little more adult than some other Disney movies.


The plot centers around Maleficent, first as a fairy child living happily in the Moors with all the other fairy folk. A human was caught trying to steal a gem from the Moors, and soon Maleficent and the boy become friends. Years pass as they both grow up, seeing each other now and again. But as Stefan becomes a man, the kingdom beyond the Moors grows greedy and wants to expand their territory by overpowering the fairy and taking the land.


Maleficent has grown in power over the years and leads the fairy folk to succeed in keeping the borders of the Moors secure from humans. But the King will have none of it, and in his sick bed, tells his men, including Stefan, that whoever kills Maleficent will replace him as King.


Stefan visits Maleficent, and they have a nice time together as usual, but greed and ambition has corrupted his soul. Unable to kill his lovely friend, he instead mutilates her, leaving her unable to fly and command the fairy as she was once able. And so Stefan is crowned King and Maleficent is mortified, heartbroken, and finally enraged by what’s been done to her.


Enter the curse. King Stefan has married and a baby is born. All the land is invited to the castle, except for Maleficent, of course. She arrives, sees the babe, and curses her to prick her thumb on her 16th Birthday, only able to be awoken by true love’s kiss.


The King sends the baby to live far away from the kingdom, where she can’t come across a spindle and prick her thumb, but little does he know that Maleficent is also watching over her. Years pass, and as the curse draws closer, Maleficent grows conflicted over what she’s set in motion, and the King prepares his men for a royal battle with her.


This movie was really well done. Angelina Jolie was perfect in the role of Maleficent, the emotions of what she was dealing with playing out really well in the complexities of her relationship with the human king and his innocent child. The visuals were awesome, the fairy world not overly saccharin sweet, and the battle scenes gave a good balance of action to the movie. If you like Fantasy movies that are a little more adult themed, but have a soft spot for the Disney movies of your youth, you’ll love this!


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