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Kate Wendley writes paranormal romance for those who love drama. Vampires, werewolves and more contend with hot tempers and incredible powers while bravely navigating the mysteries of finding love and acceptance in her urban fantasy series, A Forest of Darkness. Set in the City in a Forest, Atlanta, GA, it make you think twice about how well you really know your friends and neighbors. When Kates not busily writing about things that go bump in the night she enjoys watching sci-fi, campy horror movies and stand up comedies.

Book Review: Moon Called by Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson Novel #1)

Mysteries Abound in the Tri-Cities for Coyote VW Mechanic, Mercedes Thompson


Mercedes ‘Mercy’ Thompson is a walker, meaning she can turn into a coyote in the blink of an eye. Being less powerful than the werewolves and vampires in town, and being the only one of her kind that she knows of, she tries to keep a low profile running a mechanic shop for older foreign cars. But when a newly turned werewolf shows up looking for a job, she can’t help her curiosity at how this teenager, ‘Mac’, came to be gaunt, homeless and without a pack. His skittishness doesn’t help her get to the bottom of his story, though, so she tries to give him some time to open up to her.


Mercy soon learns time isn’t something Mac has. Mac’s girlfriend is already dead, killed by whoever also attacked Mac and turned him wolf, and now they were back to collect their prize. After Mercy turns coyote and attacks Mac’s would be abductors, hoping to distract them so Mac could get away, she never dreamed she’d actually kill a werewolf. The man was dead, though, and now Mercy had to call in the local werewolf pack to help clean up the mess.


While Mercy tries to keep her head down and make nice with the local wolf Alpha, Adam, Mac’s story raises alarms for wolves everywhere. Drugs are being tested on newly turned wolves that could render werewolves everywhere completely helpless. When Adam is eventually attacked and left for dead, and his teenage daughter is kidnapped, Mercy becomes firmly embroiled in their world in her attempt to save their lives while not losing her own.


Patricia Briggs weaves a tightly woven world of werewolves, vampires, fae and more that will keep you glued to the pages to find out what happens next. This book is mainly a paranormal mystery, but there are hints throughout of budding romance, or even a rekindling of an old romance. Since I’ve read more of this series already, though it’s been a few years, I can tell you the romance continues to develop in future books, but always with a healthy dose of danger. Patricia Briggs is an excellent writer, the action never slowing and her world rich with fully fleshed out details. A must read for paranormal fans!


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