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Kate Wendley writes paranormal romance for those who love drama. Vampires, werewolves and more contend with hot tempers and incredible powers while bravely navigating the mysteries of finding love and acceptance in her urban fantasy series, A Forest of Darkness. Set in the City in a Forest, Atlanta, GA, it make you think twice about how well you really know your friends and neighbors. When Kates not busily writing about things that go bump in the night she enjoys watching sci-fi, campy horror movies and stand up comedies.

Mastering Darkness

A Forest of Darkness Book 1

Anthony is hanging on to his humanity by his fingertips. A slip in his usual control during a gruesome task uncomfortably reminds him that the feel of his unbridled Master Vampire power is exhilarating… and freeing. But letting the cool creep of that wild, powerful energy overtake everything human about him would destroy any semblance of the life he’d built for himself, not to mention the lives of all those he protects.


A flirtatious chance meeting with a beautiful human shocks his heart into remembering sensations he thought he’d long lost the ability to experience. Oblivious to the supernatural world existing in the shadows all around her, Kaia has secrets of her own, though, like why she’s the only human living at Wild Woods, home to Anthony’s bitter foe.


As responsibilities keep Anthony tied to a life of duty and violence, time spent with Kaia gives him hope that he hasn’t yet become the monster he sees in the mirror. But is her love for real, or just a ploy to push him all the way into darkness?



Praise for Mastering Darkness…


“He is a very bad guy who will seduce you… I definitely recommend it.” −Reviewed by Nirk for Reading Alley


“Don’t you love when you think you have read all about vamps and then something creative comes along? That’s how I know I will keep reading this author. Loved the book, the secondary characters were enticing enough for me to look for the other books in the series.” −Reviewed by Yosne for Reading Alley


“Paranormal delight with a bite. I am a lover of vampire romances and this is one of the good ones. I enjoyed how the author drew me into the story and kept my attention. Kaia and Anthony were a good couple. …The romance was written rather well. Enjoyed it immensely.” −Reviewed by BookReader7 for Reading Alley


“I really enjoyed this book! The ebb and flow of the story kept me interested and it was nice to see from a male’s point-of-view that there is an inherent need for men to have what all of us women want also! Well done! It is truly a good read and can’t wait to read the others!” −Reviewed by JSDaniMine for Reading Alley


“Good start to a series… Anthony and Kaia’a love story includes lies, secrets, hidden enemies, adventure and blood… this adds up to a very good story with nicely developed characters. We get to know their insecurities, their good and bad sides, and ride along as they fall in love. Very enjoyable read.” −Reviewed by CatloverGGMA for Reading Alley


“If you love paranormal, mystery, and romance this book has it all.…I have found my new favorite series.” −Reviewed by MZInTraining40 for Reading Alley


“Great story, interesting characters. …I was captivated by the plot and characters. I found the story to be an interesting blend of the typical genre limits on vampires and shape shifters while using license on occasion to stretch their abilities to enhance the plot and action. It was done well enough suspending reality was easy and enjoyable. The romantic interest was done tastefully and in a heartwarming manner. All in all it was a great read…” −Reviewed by JeepWonder for Reading Alley


“Excellent Vampire Tale. This story is so powerful and rich. It is so realistic and one that captivated me from page one. I love vampires; I think they are romantic as when they allow themselves to love, it is a total and complete love. This is not the normal vampire tale. It is a refreshing and different take on the true power and connection of them. Anthony is the Master over all of Atlanta’s supernatural community. He is fierce and so strong, and yet he is fair in his judgment and he takes his role very seriously. His life is busy and yet he is alone. By a chance meeting he finds Kaia and his world changes. The passion and love between them is raw and straight from the heart. …I cannot wait to read the next part of this series. This author is brilliant and has me hooked. Kate Wendley is definitely in a class by herself in this genre. I recommend it highly for all vampire lovers.” −Reviewed by Positivo for Reading Alley


“Loved this book. This was a new author for me. …This first book in this series is about the story of Anthony, the Master Vampire in the Atlanta territory and the human girl, Kaia. Both of them come into this with secrets, but neither realize the stakes are their hearts. …You will be introduced to vampires and shifters of all kind in this delightful read…” −Reviewed by TruBloodFan27 for Reading Alley


“Can’t wait to read the next one! A good book about the master vampire, the woman he has fallen for, and another vampire who wants revenge… Not your average love story! In this story there is love, hate, secrets, and hopes. Anthony found someone special, Kaia, but is she deceiving him? Is she working with Ethan, a vampire who hates Anthony… or are her feelings for him real? The book will keep you wanting to know the answers.” −Reviewed by Cogarae for Reading Alley


“A very convincing take on vampire romance…A nice and believable book which showcases the gradual building of feeling between a human -Kaia and the vampire leader Anthony. There was no insta-love which is much appreciated, but a measured and steady buildup of emotions within the characters…the lovemaking is both seductive and tender where two lone souls come together to join in one. …the ending piques our interest for the coming events in the next book of the series.” −Reviewed by AananditaM for Reading Alley


5 Stars from ReadersFavorite.com “…readers see Anthony learning to love and Kaia opening up to someone who is known to be a monster. Humans, vampires, love, power, drama…the book has all the ingredients that make it a gripping story. …The book will grab the attention of all those readers who love romance coupled with a bit of intrigue and mystery.” −Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite