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Kate Wendley writes paranormal romance for those who love drama. Vampires, werewolves and more contend with hot tempers and incredible powers while bravely navigating the mysteries of finding love and acceptance in her urban fantasy series, A Forest of Darkness. Set in the City in a Forest, Atlanta, GA, it make you think twice about how well you really know your friends and neighbors. When Kates not busily writing about things that go bump in the night she enjoys watching sci-fi, campy horror movies and stand up comedies.

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Book Review: Moon Called by Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson Novel #1)

Mysteries Abound in the Tri-Cities for Coyote VW Mechanic, Mercedes Thompson   Mercedes ‘Mercy’ Thompson is a walker, meaning she can turn into a coyote in the blink of an eye. Being less powerful than the werewolves and vampires in

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Movie Review: What We Do in the Shadows (2014)

Quirky, Funny, and Awesome Special Effects! This Vampire Horror/Comedy movie is quirky with humor that’s sometimes very understated and subtle, and sometimes outrageous. Combined with some shockingly awesome special effects where you least expect them, it’s a must see!  

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Movie Review: Dracula: The Dark Prince

Don’t Let the Snaggle Tooth Cover Fool You!   This is one of my favorite Dracula movies ever. I’m not sure how many times I’ve watched it, but it’s a lot. I have no idea why they’ve put snaggly teeth

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Movie Review: Dracula Untold

Awesome Movie! I’m not really sure why this scored so low on Rotten Tomatoes because this was a really awesome movie! The storyline had a unique twist to the Dracula myth, and if you love the vampire genre, I recommend

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Blood Born (Vampire, #1) by Linda Howard and Linda Jones

Great Book! Blood Born by Linda Howard and Linda Jones is a great vampire paranormal romance. The plot was solid, there were tons of interesting characters in the large world that the authors created, and sweet romance along the way.

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